Climograph analysis.

How to comment a climograph.

In oder to analyse a climograph we must mind the to main features on it: Temperatures and Precipitations.

Temperatures. They are shown as a red line that joins monthly average temperatures.

Average temperature. The first thing you have to do is find, approximately, the annual average temperature. Remember all averages over 20ºC are hot or torrid climates, between 20 and 0ºC temperate climates, below 0ºC cold climates.

Atmospheric temperature range. It is the difference between the hottest month and the coldest one. Tropical climates have small ranges. Temperates, specially continental ones, have bigger ranges.  You also mind if there are season or not. Tropical climates have no seasons.

Precipitations. Precipitations  are shown as blue bars. Each bar represents the total amount of rain measure in millimiters by square meter.

Total precipitations. First we must add all monthly precipitations. An amount over 1.000 mm must be considered a rainy climate, between 1.000 mm and 300 mm medium, beneath 300 mm it may be arid or dry.

Distribution. After total precipitation we must regard rains distribution. Does it rain all months? Is there any dry season? how long does it last? You must remember that, commonly, every bar below temperature´s line must be took as a dry month or drought.

Classification. At the end we must classified the climate and locate it.

Have a great time analyzing climographs. We will correct them next tuesday.

Climate description


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