Unit One Exercises for the weekend. 09/20th/ 2013.

1º Compose a biography of the next Enlightened philosophers: Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu and Adam Smith.

On every philosopher´s biography must appear:

– His date and place of birth and death.

– His main influences.

– His main ideas.

– His main works and publishing dates.

– Any curiosity or main event in his life.

– Followers and later impact.

I do not want you to copy and paste, please, anyone could do that, I want you to re-write the information. For example “Rousseau bore in 17… at ….. and died in 17… at when he was only 145 years old (of course it´s false, no one can live that long)… he studied philosophy and music with…. his master was. His main ideas were, social contract, and the concept of the good savage… In 177.. he published… and ….. He had a bladder disease that made his life very miserable….(that is true!!)…” Please quote your sources.

2º Describe the characters in this picture. (What are they doing? Why do you think they are doing it? What are they wearing?)

Each one of them depict a social estate of the Ancien Régime, who does represent the Nobility and why? who represents the Clergy and why? and who the Third Estate and why?

Why do you think they are represented that way? Do you think it was fair? Why?noblesse

A little help with the description. The are three people in the picture, one is fat and his is wearing a coat and a wig he has a neck tie… the one behind him is wearing a colorful feathered  hat…

We shall correct these exercises next day at class. Enjoy your weekend!!!


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